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Our Features

Built to streamline and modernise every aspect of sales management,  purchases, inventory, warehouse, packing, and delivery confirmation.


Hybrid cloud system

Wetile is a hybrid cloud system. It’s a Windows desktop application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Through the iOS and Android app, you can manage sales, purchases, inventory, and stocktaking. It’s a better, brighter way to manage.


Makes sense

Wetile is different. Our warehouse management features make tracking all the stuff in your warehouse simple and easy. Enjoy an effective, far less frustrating way to keep tabs on inventory, even if it’s spread out across multiple facilities.


Smart handling

You can convert a customer’s requested quantity square to a sales box unit. Just type the requested square or piece, then wetile takes care of all sales quantities automatically.


App that saves time

Stop searching for your inventory and start seeing it when you need it. Wetile is a visual inventory app that enables you to track items and any of their details — a more intuitive way to track inventory. 


Efficient analytics 

Plan with confidence and make better business decisions using our easy-to-read, in-depth sales reports. See what's been sold and when, then track staff, inventory, delivery, sales, and more. 

Better understand your business and its inventory.


Smart delivery confirmation

Wetile sends an SMS link, which a delivery man can open to retrieve the customer's signature and a photo of the delivered product on a mobile phone browser. You don’t need any delivery note papers, or ask for delivery proof from the deliverer. Wetile keeps all the delivery proof on the cloud, making it easy to send if a customer asks for it.

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