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Simple and easy digital delivery proof

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Just a few clicks for digital delivery confirmation, saved to the cloud.

Delivery proof usually gives many small companies a major headache. They give the delivery note to the driver, who is then asked to send a signed paper and photo as proof of delivery. However after several months, it’s often very hard to find this proof of delivery. This document could have easily been misplaced or lost, usually taking companies many hours or days to locate and retrieve.

“ It’s very hard to find the proof of delivery. Even if they find the received image or document, it takes hours or days to find it.”

Digital Process

Wetile makes all this a digital process by sending a sms link to driver, who then opens the link to a secured web page. Here they can easily capture proof of the delivered item and the customer’s signature, through the phone. To then submit this document, all they have to do is click the submit button. A simple and easy procedure. No need for any physical paper or hassling for a signed document or image. After the driver submits the information, you can check all the details and proof of deliveries through the wetile app, where you can search for and download the documents quickly and with ease.


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