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Maximise the wetile app

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

In your hands, the wetile app can access your essential business activities promptly, whenever you need it.

With a few clicks, you can do delivery packing control, inventory tracking, stocktaking, creating sales invoices, entering bills, and delivery confirmations.


The app displays the item location and the quantity that needs to be picked up. Quantity displays as a pallet, box, or piece qty.

“No experience is needed for use. Just touch and go.”


You can check inventory details and track them down, as well as do stocktaking.

In the case of stocktaking, you can enter the pallet, box, or piece qty rather than counting the individual item.


Invoices can be created quickly with a barcode or QR code. By utilising just your phone camera, you can scan these codes.


With the bill function you can import the purchase order quickly and enter the bill. Again, you can use the barcode/QR code through your phone camera.

Delivery confirmation

By sending a link to the driver via sms, they can open the link to capture the signature of the recipient and a photo of the finished delivery on the smart phone browser.

After confirming the delivery, the sms link displays a read-only version of the confirmed details.


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